Monday, November 17, 2008

Renewable Resource...... Bamboo Prints

So in my small effort to protect and preserve the environment, I'm now offering select images on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Bamboo Paper (290 gsm).  This paper features a natural warm white surface... not quite ivory, but not a bright white.  It is archival grade and acid free.  The best feature though is that it is made from bamboo which is a renewable resource.  I really love the heavy feel and slight textural quality to this paper.  Images may be printed on this paper upon request.  Check out some of the new Bamboo Prints in my shop!


JK said...

Emiko, these new prints look amazing. I know for this paper. Does it have a matte finish?

f2images said...

Yes it does. It's similar to the German Etching sample I send you, but the texture isn't as pronounced, and color is ever so slightly warmer. But same beautiful matte finish!! Your images would be very beautiful on it. Also, for me in the US, the Bamboo was NOT included in my Hahnemuhle sample pack, just so you know. :)

iomiss said...

I am not an expert in photograph,I only know that love all your photos!!!!!

And thanks so much, I have seen one of my doubles earrings here in your blog.
Big thanks!!!!!


June Shin said...

I never knew that there was bamboo paper. How cool, and your prints look great!

Jennifer Katherine said...

Why I have this thing for old typewriters, I'll never know. :) Hmmm, bamboo paper, huh? I've been looking for a local place that would do prints of my art. Some people have recommended this place Ever hear of them?

Mrs.French said...

I have never seen paper anything like this...such a beautiful finish...lovely. xo

please sir said...

Such a great idea - the images are very lovely!

S.HOPtalk said...

These are just gorgeous! I love the texture and subtle color.

Anonymous said...

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