Monday, November 10, 2008

Do people buy art books?

So I thought it would be a neat idea to compile some of my favorite images from my shop into a book.  I printed the book through Blurb, and got my first copy.  I like it, but am not sure if it can sell for enough for me to make a profit?  Just wondering if you guys think this is a smart investment or not?  I can by more and sell them through Etsy for less than my retail cost on Blurb.  Any opinions?  You can preview the first several pages on Blurb here.


ThePeachTree said...

I think it's a brilliant idea. It would make the perfect coffee table book and especially for the holidays coming up, a great gift. I say go for it!

Mrs.French said...

I personally love art books and think you should go for it...the preview is beautiful...

Susannah said...

Hi Emiko, i think your book looks gorgeous! I've been thinking about doing this too, and Blurb certainly makes it easy - are you happy with the quality of the printed page?

thanks for your kind comment on our Favorite Things blog :-)

eNVe said...

I think they're great gifts as well. and your chosen images are lovely! It also serves as a wonderful keepsake for you and your loved ones!

GetReadySetGO said...

oh superb idea! and the layout is dynomite and clean but so intriguing. i LOVE it!

Jennifer Katherine said...

The images sell themselves. Go for it. :) Let me know what you think of the quality of the printed book. I printed a similar kind of book through Shutterfly and the quality was pretty good (although I am super picky), but I really didn't care for the high-gloss cover. I was hoping to find something with a matte finish.

lillyella, uniquely you said...

I agree - love it! People really enjoy coffee table books and its perfect for those who love all your prints - like me!

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