Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday picks.....we're getting closer to Christmas!

Since I can't buy all of these beautiful items, I thought I'd share them with you.  Now if only my hubby read my blog, then he'd know what I want for Christmas! ~Emiko


Mrs.French said...

I hope he stumbles upon this list and you get it all! xo t

eNVe said...

Love your picks, Emiko! That necklace by Abigail Percy is incredible. I pretty much want everything she makes! :P

Anonymous said...

The passenger picture is absolutley amazing, I love it!

amy said...

IF ONLY my hubby read my blog ;)
love that photo with the yellow tights!

June Shin said...

These are great picks! I love the necklace by Abigail Percy and the Smock by Hende. Maybe you should e-mail your hubby anonymously with the link to your blog. ;)

Sandrine Mercier said...

Thanks you soooo much Emiko :D
I didn't know you works... It's very very wonderful!!
Have a good and sweet christmas ^_^

theVINTAGEblog said...

i LOVE jennresse's necklace!!!...GREAT holiday picks f2!!!


sweetnessjewelry said...

Jennreese7 is my aunt :)
Emiko, your blog is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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