Saturday, September 13, 2008

Door County Trip

Mark and I recently went to Door County for our 5th year anniversary.  It was so relaxing, but too short of a visit.  Stayed at a lovely inn called Lodgings at Pioneer Lane, would definitely go back.  I so enjoy the quiet time we can spend together.  These are a few pictures from our trip.


ThePeachTree said...

Oh, it sounds like a magical trip :)

Ann Wilkinson said...

i LOVE the dashboard image! it's simply beautiful, showing all the detail of the old auto. did you find a junkyard, or did you just happen upon this, or is this your car (haha)?

Anonymous said...

Hello =)

I'm sorry for the late repond, I don't update my blog often.

great photos, my favorite one is the third one =)

ERTrue said...

I've never seen Door County look like this. Your images are positively enchanting. Thanks for the B&B recommendation. It looks like they are booked for the weekend we are spending up there next month, but I'll keep the place in mind for future trips.

Anonymous said...

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